r9m + flysky fs i6x help!!

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Fri Aug 02, 2019 1:30 am

i have watched drone meshes vid on this fs i6x and r9m and how to use it. has any one tried it and does it work and how did they do it?
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Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:49 am

I have connected them. Here's what I did and the troubles I had. Not all of them were solved, but in the end I did get it.

Connecting the R9m ppm input and the ppm out pad on the i6 board did not work for me. I could never get the R9m to accept my ppm. I tried troubleshooting with different options in the menu, tested different profiles, and attempted to get the controller into student mode before giving up and moving on.

I used a reciever as a proxy to talk to the R9m. Worked flawlessly first time. The flysky X6b is the one I used. It became more of a ground station than the add on I had planned but it turned out to be quite nice as my controller did not change in weight or feel, and placing the module/antennas in an good location for signal was easier. PS there is enough room to fit a receiver, and the module ( given you modify the height of the spacers in the R9m and get rid of the case) to fit this inside the controller. It's just much harder than a ground station type setup.

The setup: a lipo is connected to a voltage regulator (dead esc with bec in my case[5v]) and both the module and X6b were powered from this, everything was placed in an enclosure so the sma from the R9m and the xt60 were accessable from the outside.

Make sure the regulator can handle at least 1a at 5v. The components can get warm so it's best to give plenty of space between everything or provide airflow to prevent anything bad happening.

If you have an R9m already this was a very reliable system and you should go for it! If you are thinking about buying one I would suggest just save up for crossfire. Frsky is meh and those things are way too cheap to make me think much thought was put into it.

Good luck!
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