Greetings from the Mexican Caribbean!

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Fri Nov 15, 2019 4:57 pm

Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm new to the hobby, and just starting out. I thought that this forum might provide me some good discussion and information for my first build.

So far I've been doing lots of research, and I would like to build an aerial photography/mapping quad with autonomous features. From research I think my first prototype will have ,a good FC, a good RC remote, and probably some good batteries and battery charger. The rest I might cheap out on.

I have selected the mRo 2.1X flight controller for the prototype, so it's compatible with arducopter. It's basically an upgraded smaller Pixhawk 1 FC.

Right now I'm looking for a good remote that has potentiometers that are usable without removing my hands from the sicks. That's to control the camera gimbal and move at the same time. If anyone has any recommendations I'd be happy to hear them.

Also If anyone has any in depth guides to drone buildings or just on different parts of a drone, hit me up with them! Finding good in depth information is a little hard.

I hope to be a helpful member of this forum. That's it for me!
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