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Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:48 am

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone in this group is working on GymFC/NeuroFlight with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS? I am having a difficult time with the installation setup... if anyone can help it would be awesome!

A few questions for the steps provided in the repo:

Step 2 - Compile and install Gazebo
Can we use any version of Gazebo? For some reason I am having a hard time installing Gazebo9 in my Ubuntu 18.08 LTS system. Everytime I try to install it from source I get compiling errors... Would installing Gazebo with ROS stil work?

Step 3 - From root directory of this project, pip3 install . If you plan to work with the GymFC source code you will want to install it in development mode, pip3 install -e . You will also need to build the plugin manually by running the script gymfc/envs/assets/gazebo/plugins/
I tried many times and I just can't get this to work... when building the plugin manually by running the script, I keep getting a 'fatal error' about the DARTmodel.hh file not found... anyone else encountering this issue?

Step 4 - Confirm SetupFile in gymfc.ini is pointing to the correct location
I am not sure about this step.. what exactly we should be looking for?

Thank you very much for any input. I am new to the AI/RL environment, and I am trying to perform research on neuro flight controller which I think that starting with gymfc as the baseline would be great.

By the way, a step by step tutorial on gymfc and its dependencies download/installation/compilation would be great! I am sure many students/researchers like myself would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you.
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