I need help on my first 6s race drone build

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Evan Mendieta
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Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:45 am

Hi everyone. I'm Evan, and I am building a racing drone. This is my first time building,
but I have a problem. The "4 in 1 45A ESC + F4 Flight Controller" I'm using, is out of stock. It's been out of stock for 4 - 5 weeks... I need help finding another 4 in 1 (stacked, or not stacked) Flight controller with 45A ESC, that does NOT go over $100.

This is the ESC that I had on cart (not really nessesary to look at it since it's out of stock): https://www.getfpv.com/xilo-stax-combo.html

These are the motors I already have:
https://www.getfpv.com/iflight-xing-e-2 ... motor.html

The battery I'm using: 6s 24v
The motor's kv: 1700kv
the props I have: 5146 5-inch props
The motor's Amps (with everything above combined): 35.62 Amps
The ESC MUST be 45 Amps so that it does not overheat, smoke, or catch on fire.

It's my first time building a racing drone, and the ESC I had in cart, well, went out of stock for 4 weeks. Can you help me find a good 4 in 1 Flight Controller that matches all of the above specs?
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