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EV200D -> Stereo 3D RF

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:48 pm
by Zereth
Hi guys,

I'm new around here, will write a proper introduction tomorrow (promise). So, I'm really into VR/AR and stuff and would love to fly in stereo 3D but not many goggles support it (heh, euphemism). I've been wondering if the EV200D could be modded to achieve it. Say we got 2 external receivers set to two different channels, 2 VTXs on those channels and each with their own camera. Routing the video signal of one of them to only one of the screens while keeping the other one "as is"... would that be doable? If so, could it be switchable? Like having a switch for 3D mode / standard mode.

If this is some sort of heresy or offensive nonsense, I do apologize. I can't understand why there's so little information about stereo 3D FPV out there. And I'd really love to run some experiments on the matter, but got no gear for that yet.

I don't own the EV200D. I'd consider buying them if this could be done. I can solder and such but I can't read circuits. Else, I think my only option is the Sky02X. Unless some of you guys tell me "hey, there's these nice goggles which also do 3D and stuff..."

Well, thanks in advance. Have a good one!

Re: EV200D -> Stereo 3D RF

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:49 am
by JohnKuky
I like the idea but i think it would require whole new circuit board and firmware for it to work.

What if you take two ev100 goggles remove one screen from each of them and join remaining circuits and screens in a single case? pricewise it should be same as ev200 without extra cost for modification of ev200. ev100 dont have external recievers and resolution of ev200 tho.

Re: EV200D -> Stereo 3D RF

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:06 pm
by Zereth
Hi John, thanks for your reply.

I had already thought about combining two EV100. Even modding them with external diversity receivers and adding two Runcam DVR modules. I've made two mockup EV100 boards with stripes of tape where the LCD flat wires go, to try to figure out how I'd make them fit...


Maybe great minds think alike :P

I contacted Eachine to ask if I could purchase a spare main board, to keep cost down. I insisted. No reply to this day. Banggood agents could not understand my question: "Can I purchase a spare main circuit board for the EV100?". They told me I could purchase the goggles, no matter how I formulated my question. So I'd have to buy two EV100 and two DVR modules, minimum. Price-wise, close or over the EV200D and the Skyzone Sky02X. And the Sky02X already has stereo 3D with great menus.

Making the 2xEV100 Frankengoggles would be "DIY for the sake of DIY", for me at least. Not like that's a bad thing, it isn't. I'd make them my own and they'd surely fit my face, as I'd 3D print the casing and faceplate. If they'd be a bit cheaper I'd already be working on this idea, despite the FOV and resolution difference from the EV200D.

All this stuff led me to wonder if the Sky02X could use two external diversity receivers. Maybe that's something more people would be... excited about?

If the EV200D mod can't be done, my only two options (AFAIK) are the 2xEV100 Frankengoggles and the Sky02X.
I'm still feeding the piggy bank for this project, got several weeks before I must make my decision.
More ideas and comments are greatly appreciated!

Re: EV200D -> Stereo 3D RF

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:34 pm
by JohnKuky
Maybe you could save some by using vtx with dvr builtin? Something like this perhaps: ... 1548366508

Re: EV200D -> Stereo 3D RF

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:34 pm
by Zereth
I was thinking about something like this, but one DVR for each reveiver/screen/eye:

Maybe with Lantians. But given it won't be by any means "broadcast quality" and I'd use the DVR for drone recovery if needed (and praying I won't be actually needing it that often!) I think one DVR would be enough. The cameras mounted on the drone are quite a different story.