T-Motor F4 F55A PRO II "HELP"

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Have just bought my first FPV drone, a DJI FPV Air unit and the T-Motor F4 F55A PRO II controller, what I do need is help to get the DJI wiring right on the controller, I'm a totally noob in this and really need the help, I'm scared to death to do it wrong!

DJI cable looks like this:
RED: power
BLACK: power GND
WHITE: UART RX connects to OSD TX
GRAY: UART TX connects to OSD RX
BROWN: signal GND

Can someone point out where to put the wiring on the controller board would be a big help for me!
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Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:19 pm

I presume you are talking about this stack: https://www.getfpv.com/t-motor-f4-f55a- ... stack.html

Do some googling as there are guys who are putting out videos and tutorials. E.g.,

Of note, given your stack, you will need to power the DJI from the "10+" pin coming off or your ESC. 7.4-17.6V is higher than the 5V on your board, and lower than your battery. Your only source in that range is the 10V supplied by the BEC on the ESC.

Hope that helps.
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