DroneMesh VUSB All in One Dongle Wireless Simulator for Frsky Flysky Spectrum Futaba Transmitter

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Link For Purchase:

The DroneMesh VUSB AIO was developed in order to bring fast Wireless low latency Gaming with your SBUS and or IBUS supported Radio Transmitter Receiver.
In order to enjoy playing your Favorite Simulator you will need to download the software in order to choose your protocol.
Once Software has been installed you can go ahead and solder your favorite SBUS or IBUS Receiver to the USB dongle and Start to enjoy your Wireless Low Latency GamePlay.
Low Latency Wireless Gaming is only one of its features.
The DroneMesh VUSB AIO can also help you with bricked Flight Controller, ESC's and Even reprogram your Flight Controller if you broke the USB.
This can also be used as a USB to SERIAL Converter as it is using the CH340G chip which is better and more stable than the FTDI Alternative.
The VUSB has an in built hardware inverter for the Sbus Protocol which is activated by bridging the pads marked SBUS.

-Play With Any IBUS AND SBUS Receiver on any Simulator through your Radio's recevier wireless.
-Inbuilt Hardware Inverter for Sbus Virtual Game Simulators
-Used to Flash and Program: Flight Controllers, PixHawk, Ardupilot ,Arduino , Betaflight, Inav, GPS Modules and Much More
-5V Output
-Based On Cleric's Open Source Project

Brand Name: DroneMesh
Model: DroneMesh VUSB
Item Name: All In One Dongle
Application: Play With Frsky, Spectrum, FlySky, Futaba and More
Application 2: Flash and Reprogram Any Flight Controller, Arduino, GPS
Outout Voltage: 5V For Recveivers
Supported Protocol: IBUS , SBUS
Compatibilty: compatible for DRL, LiftOff, Freerider, HotProps, and Much more
Required Parts:SBUS or IBUS Recevier

---------------- SOFTWARE ---------------
Install them in the Order shown Below

VJOY Software
http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/i ... l/download

Plugin for Vjoy

---------------- FOR SUPPORT ---------------
Vist our forum for any Help or Questions


More Info:
1. Program Module USB to TTL CH340G for STM32 Flight Controllers, ESC's Blehli_s and Blehli_32, Naze, Minim OSD, Frsky, Multi-wii, Ardiuno
1. Support WINDOWS XP / Server 2008 / Win7 / Win8 32 Bit / 64 / Win 10 32bit / 64bit
2. Support USB1.1 or USB2.0/USB3.0 for communication.
3. Simulation interface, you can upgrade serial peripherals.
4. Supports common MODE contact signal.
5. Can be uesed as an ordinary USB to Serial TTL module, download STC microcontroller
6. Standard interface, compatible with a variety of official Arduino controller
7. Original CH340G Chip Fater and Bettter Than FT232(FTDI) chip, stable performance

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Hey what's up? I'm trying to flash a newbeedrone humming bird board with the plaid/venom hex file I cant get it to work as an st-link. What other flashing program can i use? It does show up on my computer on a com port. Any suggestions?
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Hi..with this AIO USB Adapter and a Flysky Reciever you can easyly build an wireless simulator module to practice freestyle when its rainy outside. at the dronemesh forum you find the mescessary software and instructions great module even if it is a bit expensive.

prototype pcb
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Sorry for the Newbie question, but I want to do simulator(LiftOff) flying before breaking all my gear;-)
Do I need to create a model for LiftOff on my QX7 radio? I saw the liftoff instructions mention this, is this the way to go? Or am I confused?
I have the VUSB1 ;-)
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