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My two running builds:
HAL 9000.jpg
the "HAL 9000" for freestyle

--> Under the layer of chlorophylle and dirt you can find the dragon theeth (v1, i guess) fom iFlight.
I like the geometry of this frame so much because it is a tank and of its very good flight charakteristics , one of the best geo´s on the market, in my personal opinion

--> The motors are 2305 2550kv from AMAX. Im satisfied with these motors with the punch and torque but the bearings need to replaced after one season they have a
noticeable play now

--> ESC´s are DShot 1200 35A Wraith32 V2.2 from Airbot but with a AMAX label on it, not sure if they clones or what but they do the job very well
and after i watched DroneMesh´s video about the difference of no caps and one big cap and more caps, i decided to exaggerate a little bit (more helps more ;D ) and placed
a pack of two caps 35V 470mf per ESC on the frame wrapped in this yellow-green tape you can see in the picture. Unfortunately the rear packs are missing after a hard crash in a tree and i to lazy to replace them

-->The power distributor job is done by the Matrix pdb from Airbot it is a little bit heavy weight but when i saw the specs with 4000mf i got wet hands.
Unfortunately these specs are eyewash because these small caps they use of this type, i dont know the exact name for it, have the peculiarity that the capacity drops the higher
the voltage is, 4000mf they have at 0V D: but im fine with it, anyway

--> The brain the "HAL 9000" ;D is a HELIO FC with Butterflight. I fly it with nearly stock pids and have also nearly no propwash or other oscillations, 32khz stuff enabled.
My frist FC of choise for this build was a Airbot F7 v2 but for unknown reason the quad keeps freaking out at fullthrottle so i decide to give HELIO a try and suprise it fly like a pund of butter slipping on a hot railway track

--> Receiver is a XM+ i used the x4r before but with these i had always trouble with range after 20m distance the Taranis keeps yelling at me

--> Video system is a Runcam swift mini with gopro lens, Tx is a immersion tramp @ 200mW i think and a Foxeer pagoda all fine with it

--> I run this rig mostly on 4s even if it would take 6s but i feel more comfortable on 4s, Props are Hq´s v1s

"Pusher" for fun races/track flying

--> Frame is custom my friends keep it calling the franken quad but i like the term concept quad a lot more XD
the bottom section is made out of a unibody frame from iFlight (iX5) cut the rear arms of with a anglegrinder. The tail arm is a aftermarket ZMR250 arm with 4mm thickness and as top mount a orginal arm witch survived the zmr era. Both sandwitched with 4mm aluminium sheets. The top plate is from the Beast Evo X wich i scrapped

--> I use two different pairs motors in this build front Dys se2205 2600kv race edition for 5" props and the back motors are AMAX 2305 1800kv for 6"
But one of the Dys went up in smoke when i tryed 6S with 6 blade props with 4 blade and 6S it was fine...

--> ESC´s are the same as in the HAL 9000 but with different values, the back esc´s have the demag value set to high front is mid for example

--> PDB is a Matek for 6S nothing special

--> The flightcontrol is a Fortini F4 with butterflight the correkt pids for this setup i have not worked out so far. Also enabled 32khz but i set it on 16/8khz maybe this is the reason for oscillations, i lowered p value and it is a little bit better now, comes time comes better pids :D

--> Receiver is a x4r wich i will replace with a xm+ in the near future for the same reasons as you can read above

--> Vid system is a TBS HV race also around 200mW range a Runcam sparrow 2 pro with stock lens and also Foxeer Pagoda

-->This copter is designed for race this means 6S is the first choise, the lipos are mounted pod style this should keep the weight more in the center. In the pic you see a 4s lipo inside a cage it should safe the lipo a littlebit better from strikes and work as a kind of "landing gear" but i didn´t found a version for 6S so far so a DIY version will replace it

--> So far i working also on a good combo of props 6" HQ 3 blade on the back and 4 blade HQ´s seems to me the best in the picture you see Gemfan flash 6" 2 blade and Schubkraft 5" 6 blade props on the front

see you in the field
and sorry for my not so good english i hope you can understand i want to say :D
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Looks like you got a couple of beast..
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