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Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:46 pm

Well, hi all.

I joined just yesterday and I promised a proper introduction. So here I go.

I'm from Spain, so English is not my mother language. I hope you'll forgive any mistakes, misspellings or simply dumb things I may write. Maybe that's hoping for too much, maybe you'll be kind enough to tell me what I did wrong (and have some fun off me in the process). I guess time will tell.

I started my RC adventures when the hardest brand name to read was "Graupner" and everyone else was using Futabas. Call it the 80s. Planes, cars. Helicopters were a rarity and as expensive as a second hand beaten up car. It was a dirty, perverted and guilty pleasure witnessing a heli crash; I'm not evil, everyone felt the same except for the heli owner, who often shat gold ingots and could afford a replacement the same day. I grew up in the "poor guys" side of the fence and let me tell you that's where innovation and imagination thrive. You learn to repurpose stuff, to make-do, to fix and to make fit. If you just got plenty of money you got no need for that kind of thinking: you-just-buy-things-that-work. And replacements. And pay someone like my younger self to fix stuff. And let me keep the broken parts. That's how I started and what kept me going.

Then my life got complicated and I had to travel a lot, staying away from RC not because I wanted to but because I could not do anything about it. Period. It was what it was and I got an itch I couldn't scratch. For years. Hold on a second and think about it. Ouch, uh?

A lot happened between then and now. Like I got to have quite a budget for hobbies but no time to enjoy any; nowadays I got plenty of time but not quite a budget. So I'm researching everything carefully before making any purchase, willing to mod and adapt if I can save some, improve or maybe a bit of both.

This community looked like the right place to be, for me, right now. If I can give a hand, just let me know. I know plenty of weird stuff and I keep learning. Whatever I don't know, I try to find out or ask. Old Albert used to say "we're all very ignorant, but we're not all ignorant in the same things".

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