Looking to build a photography hexacopter for around $200-$400

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Hello, I've recently had a project come up where I need a drone that can take pictures and shoot a video of an event. The drone doesn't have to be very the quality of a professional drone such as the inspire or matrice, but rather a drone with decent battery- life. This is really my only requirement because the only thing I need to carry is either small go pro or a small DSLR. I already have a gimbal so that won't be the problem. Anyways back on topic. I know an okay amount of drones and how they work, I just don't know specific parts and that would best fit. So I started with the frame, I was looking into a couple of the tarot frames, I have a friend who can get them relatively cheap so that won't be a problem. IF you don't want to include those into the price its fine. If you have any other recommendations for frames I'm open to suggestions. Heres where I get a little confused. I don't know what motors are cheap, but still efficient. I know with hexacopters, I want lower kV speeds. I was looking at the Tarot 660 kV ones, but I don't if those are in budget and if they are good. Also from want, I'm reading, I want brushless motors, correct me if I'm wrong, but they are less likely to break down. ESC, I'm totally lost on and don't under, so some clarification could help also recommendations. Some people have told me 40 amp ones, but I don't know what that means besides the amount of electricity it lets to the motor. PDB, I also don't know what to look for. So any suggestions would be welcomed. I guess that leaves us with flight controllers. Want I have found is DJI makes some awesome flight controllers, but those seem quite expensive and overall don't know to want to spend on a flight controller that is decent. Some also told me the px4, but don't know what that means. I don't know what features I need such as GPS and whatnot, any suggestions would be extremely helpful. For the transmitter, I was just looking at the flysky 6 which is pretty cheap. I don't need any fancy controller, just something to get the drone off the ground. I know this is long, but I could really use some help. Also free to totally criticize anything I said. Thank You- Kyle
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